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Foot Care Products: Our Most Favourite Leading Brands


We’re all ready to head into the summer season—but would like to leave dry heels and scaly feet behind. If you’re ready to start focusing on sandal season and want to make sure your skin is buffed from head to toe, investing in high-quality hand and foot care products are the way to go.

New to these intensive treatments? Not to worry — we’ve rounded up the must-have information as well as a few great product recommendations below.


Hand and Foot Care Products: Why They’re Important


While they might get a lot of daily wear and tear, the skin on our hands and feet deserves extra attention — especially during seasonal changes. From high temperatures and UV rays to cold, harsh winter winds, our hands and feet are often exposed to the elements regardless of the time of year.

To ensure that you’re giving the delicate epidermis on your hands and the bottoms of your feet the TLC they deserve, we recommend:

  1. Investing in a good quality scrub: Exfoliating goes a long way in keeping dry, scaly spots at bay, however, you want to make sure you’ve got the right formula for you. If you’re extra sensitive, ensuring that you don’t invest in active, harsh ingredients that could further inflame your condition is key. Likewise, extra dry skin sufferers will want to invest in intensely hydrating formulas.
  2. Moisturising on the regular: If your hands are regularly exposed to temperature extremes in the summer and winter—and you’re likely to walk about barefoot or wear sandals in the summer—chances are you need to be moisturising regularly. If you’ve invested in a good quality scrub to remove dry, dead cells 2-3 per week, following up with a high-quality moisturiser can ensure the scales stay away and new, fresh skin shines through.
  3. Remember your nails: While it doesn’t seem like the most important step in your beauty routine, maintaining your finger and toenails goes far in keeping up a healthy appearance. If you haven’t yet, we recommend investing in a formula infused with Vitamin E to support healthy nail growth and keep cuticles well moisturised—i.e. stop them from drying out and taking over your look!

If you haven’t looked into hand, nail, and foot-specific products before, we recommend:

  1. Save My Sole Foot Scrub: From one of our favourite brands—Formula 10.0.06–this scrub is infused with avocado and peppermint oils to seriously hydrate and cool tired feet while removing dead cells.
  2. Step by Step Renewing Foot Scrub: If you suffer from dry cracked heels in the summer, this heavy-dry softening balm serves up shea butter and grape seed oil to rehydrate even the most parched cells.


Products for Hand and Foot Care: Don’t Forget Your Most Delicate Skin!


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