Formula 10.0.6

Bye Bye Blackheads Chin, Forehead and Nose Pore Strips

12 Strips

Target your T-Zone and stop spots from erupting. This supreme strip combo has the strength of volcanic ash and the power of witch hazel to rescue pores from oil and stubborn impurities. Give your skin the all clear with this fast fix against zits!

How to Use

After Washing Your Face, Thoroughly Wet Your Nose, Forehead And Chin (The Strips Won't Stick If Skin Is Dry). With Dry Hands Peel Strips Off Plastic Liners And Apply To Nose, Forehead And Chin With Shiny Side Towards The Skin. Smooth Down To The Contours Of Your Nose, Forehead & Chin. Let Dry For 10-15 Minutes Or Until Strip Is Stiff. Slowly And Carefully Peel Off Strip Starting At Edges, Pulling Towards Centre. If Strip Adheres Too Strongly, Moisten Strip And Gently Remove.

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