Coast to Coast: The Australian Brand Making Waves.

Coast to Coast: The Australian Brand Making Waves.

There are few things more quintessentially Australian than our pristine coastlines. From soft sand beaches and aquamarine reefs to breathtakingly rocky cliffs, there’s something about their untamed beauty that captivates people from all corners of the globe. 

The same landscape inspired Australian skincare line Coast to Coast’s founder Nicole Chadwick to launch her brand in 2009. Discovering the natural riches of Australia’s coastlines, Nicole set out to share the power of the ocean and coastal plants with the world through her high-performing, consciously crafted products. 


Powerful Oceanic Ingredients and a Focus on Sustainability

When we discovered Coast to Coast, we were instantly drawn to their list of unique native botanicals and marine extracts. Ingredients like Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Marine Collagen, Biofermented Pseudoalteromonas, Sea Parsley, Wild Rosella and Marshmallow are entwined throughout their collection to create some seriously potent and deeply rejuvenating skincare. And the best part? They use only the cleanest ingredients - no artificial colours or fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, paraffin, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, or DEA. 

Coast to Coast is a truly conscious skincare brand with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do, from the sourcing and farming of their ingredients to manufacturing and packaging. They’re Australian-owned and made and 100% cruelty-free - something that’s super important to us at Beauty Connections. 


Our Top Picks from Coast to Coast 

Ultra Hydrating Repair Serum

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Why we love it: This lightweight serum penetrates through to the deeper layers of your skin to provide rich hydration and restore radiance. 

How to use it: Apply 1-2 pumps over the face and neck after cleansing and toning. This serum should be used morning and night and followed with a moisturiser to seal in all the skin rejuvenating properties. 


Ultra Hydrating PM Repair Cream

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Why we love it: This night cream is infused with potent ingredients that aid your skin’s repair process while you sleep, including Organic Marshmallow & Sodium Hyaluronate. It also features oceanic ingredient Biofermented Pseudoalteromonas, which helps to protect from moisture loss in cold climates, making it the perfect addition to any winter skincare routine. 

How to use it: Gently massage a small amount onto freshly cleansed skin each night before you go to bed. For an intense hydration boost, layer it over the Ultra Hydrating Repair Serum. 


We couldn’t be more excited to add Coast to Coast to the Beauty Connections line-up and we know you’ll love them too! Take a dive into the ocean-active Coast to Coast collection here.



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