Noughty's 97% natural haircare range restores balance to your life and your hair. Serious performance products with a not-so serious style. Whether you want to fight the frizz, battle product build up or simply define those curls, there’s a little Noughty for everyone.

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Natural Hair Care with Noughty Australia

For our beauty lovers who are interested in achieving their best look without all the damage, Noughty’s products are to the rescue.

With deep conditioning treatments, curl formulas, and serums to help tame the frizz down, this much-loved brand of conditioners, cleansers, and masks can help your strands level up.

Wondering what sets them apart from the crowd? We’ve rounded up the need-to-knows below.

Achieve Your Best Look: Noughty Products for Everyone

A tried and true staple across the pond, Noughty is a UK-founded brand that believes in the power of safe and effective products.

With formulas created from over 97% natural ingredients, we wanted our Australian cohort to have access to this leading brand. Among the many reasons to dive headlong into this brand, we love that:

  1. The brand is dedicated to using natural ingredients and formulas that won’t damage your hair, health, or the planet
  2. Every formula in their range is certified vegan, cruelty-free, and offered in sustainable and eco-conscious packaging
  3. The company is committed to making great hair easy. No fuss, no mess, just simple, effective treatments, cleansers, and leave-in conditioners that can keep the smoothest styles straight and your curls frizz-free.

When deciding which tonics in this collection is right for you, consider:

  1. Treatments: Are you prone to getting a colour top up now and then? What about chemical straightening? If you’re big into salon-based treatments, we recommend giving your strands a bit of extra care with a deep conditioning mask.
  2. Environmental damage: For the babes who like being out in the sun and in the saltwater, being outside can put a lot of wear and tear on your locks. Consider a leave-in conditioner or protective spray to minimise the risk of colour fading and UV damage.
  3. Natural texture: Are you a curly girl? Or maybe you like to wear your hair long and silky? Whatever your preferred style, consider working with what you love and finding the right product to help tame your challenges. Whether it’s frizz in the humidity or colour that fades a little too fast, there is a Noughty product for you.
  4. Ease: Are you prone to letting your hair air dry after every wash or are you committed to a blow-dry routine? For those who prefer to leave well enough alone, a leave-in formula can help protect you from UV rays and tame the frizz. Happy to put in a little more work to achieve your preferred look? Make sure to use a heat protectant spray to guard against damage and use a scalp cleansing shampoo on the regular to minimise the risk of product build-up.

Fight the Frizz & Calm Fly-aways with Noughty Australia

This international favourite is making waves by finding the best of both effective and natural hair care. From curl saving creams to moisturising cleansers for unruly and dry strands, we know that our community will come to love and know the brand as much as we do.

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