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Choose Ikoo Products Effective Hair Care At Home

Ready for an at-home treat? Ikoo is making it easier than ever to achieve great hair at home with nourishing masks that are more than a little indulgent. This leading brand is allowing beauty lovers Australia wide to indulge in self-care from the comfort of their own homes. Beauty Connections favourite — and for a good reason.

If you’re looking for more information about our top three recommendations, check out the summary below highlighting just why we keep a selection of each on hand.

Simplifying Hair Care: Ikoo Products for the Australian Market

Dedicated to the use of natural ingredients that are good for you and the earth, we’re top lovers of this go-to brand because of their steadfast commitment to:

  • Cruelty-free formulas
  • Are and clean ingredients that are not harmful to people, animals, or the planet
  • High performing and effective formulas that do what they say they will do

If these principles sound like your kind of brand—us too. Among our top three favourites, we always keep a stash on hand of:

  • Thermal Treatment Wraps: Whether you need some extra TLC and hydration, added shine, or a volume boost, there is a thermal wrap for you. Super indulgent, easy to apply, and available in formulas catered to your wants and needs, we apply this either once per week or once per month to keep up our cuticle health.
  • Classic Detangler Brushes: For curly girls to straight and beachy wave lovers, having a go-to detangler that you can use both in and out of the shower is a must. For in-shower use, consider combing through your conditioning agents or treatments before rinsing. (This is a great way to ensure the products reach every strand.) For out-of-shower use, we recommend gently combing out tangles and knots while your locks are still wet—-even if you’re intending to let it air dry.
  • Paddle Brushes—great for blow-drying, smoothing, and straightening. If your dedicated brush can take out half of the hard work getting to silky smooth, straight locks—we’re in!

Silky Smooth Strands At Home with Ikoo

Whether you’re into heavily lightened highlights or prefer to keep it au natural, one of the key things to tossing your head like a crown of glory is ensuring it’s healthy and well maintained.

Because hair health can start from the inside out, we recommend using a highly nourishing mask regularly to help strengthen strands, minimise damage, and protect your strands from harmful UV rays and heat. From there, taking care of your locks from the outside—with the appropriate formulas and styling tools for your needs—can help maintain the benefits gained and minimise further wear and tear.

Interested in upping your hair health game? Check out more favourited brands on the Beauty Connections website to see how you can love your locks from both the inside and out. From heat styling protectants to leave-in conditioners, we stock up on some of the industry’s best brands in line with our own beauty principles so cosmetic lovers Australia wide can indulge.