A guide to fading acne marks

A guide to fading acne marks

A common after-effect of blemishes is a dark or red mark on the skin, which can often last months or even years. These marks occur after the inflammation of the blemish has subsided and is a result of the skins natural healing response. When fresh, new cells are sent to the area to aid healing, these cells can sometimes contain too much melanin (what gives skin its colour) - causing dark or red marks. This is called Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) or Post-Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)

Picking or squeezing a blemish can cause further trauma to the skin, which can increase your chances of encountering PIH or PIE. We like using a blemish patch like the NIP+FAB Salicylic Fix Spot Patches, which prevents picking and speeds up the healing process! 

The ingredients you need:

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

Chemical exfoliation with AHA's is a great first step in combatting acne marks. Ingredients like Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and Lactic Acid will dissolve the dead skin cells off the surface layer, allowing the fresh cells underneath to shine through. Regular exfoliation will also increase the efficacy of your other products, as they won't get stuck on dead skin cells whilst absorbing. 

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Did you know, Retinol does much more than just help reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Due to its ability to increase cell turnover (meaning your new, fresh cells come to the surface faster), Retinol helps many another skin concerns from blemishes to pigmentation. It is particularly effective for fading acne marks when used regularly. 

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which prevents excessive melanin production and significantly lightens existing pigmentation. This makes it a great addition to your regime if you are looking to lighten acne marks, and/or wanting to prevent future marks from occurring.  

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Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a rising-star in the skincare world, and works by stopping the transfer of melanin to the skins surface, plus has mild exfoliating properties. It can be used to treat most common skin concerns, including acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike other ingredients that treat these concerns, Niacinamide does not cause irritation, making it a fantastic option for those with sensitive skin. 

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