How to: Transition your skincare from Winter to Spring.

How to: Transition your skincare from Winter to Spring.

As the weather starts to heat up, you may find your ultra-nourishing skincare products which your skin once soaked up just aren't cutting it any more. Our skin thrives on consistency, so when factors like the weather start to change, it can be stressful on the skin as it begins to adjust to the new environment.

Here are our top tips for transitioning your skincare regime from Winter to Spring: 

1. Spring clean your skincare collection!

Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter and throw out products that have expired. This gives you the chance to identify gaps you may have in your skincare routine and fill accordingly. 

Wondering how to tell if a product is now expired? For most skin and body products, there is an easy way to find out! Look on the packaging for a tiny image of a jar with a number on it, often 6, 12, 24, or 36. This number refers to the number of months you can use a product for after you have opened it. If the product does not have this symbol, one-to-two years is generally a good rule of thumb (if the product has been stored correctly). 

Always use your best judgement and look for the following signs if you think it's time to toss it: 

  • A bad or rotten smell
  • The product has separated
  • The texture has changed
  • The colour has changed
  • There is visible black, green or blue mould spots.

Once you have completed your Spring clean, you can move on to the fun part - discovering new skincare products!

2. Opt for a gel or foam cleanser. 

Lightweight, gel or foam cleansers are the perfect addition in the warmer months as they feel refreshing on the skin. For most skin types, cleansers with added Vitamin C are fantastic as they will help to brighten and even skin tone. If you think you need a deeper cleanse, look for a cleanser with Salicylic Acid, which will help to decongest and clean inside each pore. 

3. Switch from thick creams, to lightweight lotions. 

As skin starts to adapt to the warmer weather and humid air, this often means feeling greasy and heavy as more oil and sweat gets trapped on the surface of the skin. Switching to a lightweight, hydrating lotion will help skin feel less heavy but will keep moisture at optimum levels. 

4. Try an exfoliating mask or treatment.

A dull, lacklustre complexion is a common concern coming out of Winter. The usual culprit is dead skin cells that have built up, usually thanks to indoor heating and hot showers throughout Winter. The quickest way to remove these dead skin cells in through an exfoliating mask or treatment. 

Removing this build-up will also help your other skincare products work better - win-win!

5. Boost your natural glow with serums.

Warm weather to us means glowy, dewy skin! Look for serums with Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid which are designed to enhance your natural glow by hydrating and adding radiance. 

6. Stock up on SPF!

More time outdoors and in the sun means SPF is KEY! Not only does exposure to sunlight cause damage to the skin (sometimes irreversible), it can also undo all the hard work your skincare is doing. On top of this, sunlight can de-activate ingredients like Vitamin C - meaning they become useless as you are wearing them. 


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