(yes, it’s the new natural- and so are we…)

  • Ditch the daily shampoo Lived-in texture is so much easier to create on slightly dirty hair. Freshly washed locks will fall flatter (particularly if your hair is fine) so switch your daily lather to every other day, applying dry shampoo and blow-drying with a large round bush for added volume on non-wash mornings.

  • Get your cut bang-on Clever stylists will tailor a cut to work with your hair texture, colour and face shape perfectly. Get this right and your hair will naturally fall into place.

  • Brush your hair before you wash it, then air-dry For hair that looks as if it has dried in the ocean breeze, not the car on the school run, skip plugging-in and switching-on. Pre-shampooing, brush it thoroughly in sections from the roots to the ends. Go easy on the head massaging when you wash it too; gently lather up so you don’t end up with a heap of tangles. Lightly towel-dry, comb through a leave-in conditioner and leave to dry. And try not to touch it too much. The less you twirl, flick and fiddle with your locks, the more you’ll bring out the natural texture. And as we said before, we love keeping it real.

  • Switch to a leave-in conditioner A good quality leave-in conditioner helps build natural texture and movement while drenching hair in moisture. Our Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner will take you from dry to fly. It’s great for zapping frizz on curly hair and repairing damage without weighing locks down.

  • Work with your natural texture, not against it If you’re blessed with naturally curly locks the low-fi look is even easier. You’ve already got that va-va-voom base and just need to give your soft waves some definition. Our Noughty Wave Hello Curl-Defining Shampoo and Conditioner are enriched with avocado oil, sea kelp and Irish moss to smooth, tame and fight frizz.   

  • Use a deep conditioning mask once a week There’s nowhere to hide with naturally styled hair. You need glassy shine and healthy condition to pull it off. Apply a mask once a week and rinse after fifteen minutes, or sleep in it overnight for more intense conditioning and added texture. Watch this space for our new mask, which we’re super excited to announce is launching very soon.

  • Stay away from straighteners and tongs. It’s all about brushes, fingers and rough-drying. Straighteners and tongs create a bend in the hair that looks too ‘done’. You want softer, looser, more fluid waves. Use a large round brush and your fingers to do this. Concentrate on the top sections and leave the lengths to dry naturally for that lived-in “I woke up like this” texture. Because, you did, didn’t you? Wink… 
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