Vitamin C - A Staple For Every Skincare Routine!

If you have been eyeing off the NIP+FAB Vitamin C range but have been wondering what the active ingredient actually does, then welcome, you've come to the right place! Vitamin C should be a staple in your skincare routine if you have concerns about sun damage, ageing, pigmentation and the brightness of your skin.


What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C has a long list of amazing benefits for the skin. It promotes healthy collagen production, encourages your skins natural healing process, decreases the appearance and regular occurrence of irregular pigmentation, reduces swelling and irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to protect against UV rays and our favourite one of all: firms the skin and improves overall texture!


How does it help with anti-ageing?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production and helps to reduce signs of ageing by repairing the damage done by free radicals and the sun. It can even help to protect against future damage (though it's no substitute for sunscreen).


 What is hyperpigmentation, and how can Vitamin C help?

Hyperpigmentation — including sun spots, age spots, and melasma — occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain areas of the skin. It can also happen in areas where acne has healed.

Vitamin C application has been shown to impede melanin production, this can help fade dark spots and lead to a more even-toned complexion! 


How do I use a Vitamin C serum, and how often should I use it?

Vitamin C serum is typically applied once or twice per day. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse (we recommend the NIP+FAB Vitamin C Cleanser), tone, apply Vitamin C serum or concentrate (NIP+FAB Vitamin C Serum + Vitamin C Concentrate) and then moisturise! Although if you use both the serum and concentrate together you won't need to moisturise.


Reminder: Vitamin C can be safely used in conjunction with other active ingredients, although use alongside niacinamide may render it less effective.