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Cake Hair Care: The Curly Girl’s New Best Friend


Looking to tame your curls gone wild? Cake exists to help beauty lovers everywhere bring a bit of control back to their hair. From easy beach waves through to spring coil strands, every product is designed to smooth out frizz, lock your shape in place, and hold your style all day long.

New to this leading beauty brand? Check out some of our favourite ingredients infused below as well as a couple of our current go-to products.


Curly Girl Hair Care: Cake Products in Australia


We get it—you love having textured strands but don’t love the extra work that goes into maintaining it every day. To get the most out of your shape, Cake works with curly haired wearers to understand their unique needs and then delivers up the formulas that will help them show off their style.

Among the many top ingredients infused into their formula, this innovative brand relies on:

  • Avocado Oil: To intensely hydrate the hair and keep your ends looking like they should—healthy!
  • Shea Butter: For added hydration from the inside—out.
  • Sugar and a pinch of salt: Say what? You heard us—this go-to formula includes sugar and salt to help wavy girls and straight lock wearers alike achieve an easy breezy beach look—no matter the season or time of day.
  • Coconut oil, macula seed oil, and coconut water—this team knows how to keep your strands healthy from root to tip!

To target the needs of wavy and classic coils alike. If this sounds good to you, some of our current favourites include:

  • The Wave Maker: The first go-to in our collection, this wave cruncher will give even the straightest locks a bit of texture for a lived-in, beach-friendly vibe.
  • The Curl Whip: A lightweight mousse that offers superb volumising benefits, this formula gives you shape, definition, and hold without weighing down your natural texture.
  • The Curl Friend: For those looking for a smooth, frizz-free, streamlined look without losing their definition, this lightweight formula is silky but infused with oils and butters to hydrate your locks and keep them in place.

Looking for all three? We offer value bundles for some of our favourite collections and Cake is no different! We include a bundle in the value section of our shop so you can take advantage of their whole range and change up your look from day to day.


Cake Hair Products: Our Online Australian Store


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