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Australia’s Choice for Face Exfoliators and Scrubs: Skincare 101

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If you’re on the hunt for a new exfoliator, we think there are a few key things to know before diving right in. Want to learn more about our favourite ingredients and formulas? Check out our top exfoliator recommendations below.


What To Buy and What To Avoid: Shopping for Face Scrubs Online

When jumping into face scrubs, there are a few key things to know that can, quite literally, save your skin. Without further ado, we always recommend:

  • Confirming your base type: From dehydrated to oily and acne-prone, different types will have different needs, ingredients, and product consistencies
  • Confirming any key areas of concern: Like blackheads, active pimples, or uneven tone.

Though simple, these critical decisions alone can help determine what ingredients you should be looking out for and what to avoid. After that:

  • Determine consistency: It’s common knowledge that exfoliators come in two consistencies—physical scrubs (with small bits in them) and liquids. The latter uses active ingredients like BHAs, AHAs, and salicylic acid to help remove dead cells—the former uses physical bits to do the same.

We recommend figuring out your base epidermal type first. Those with sensitivity issues will likely want to steer clear of physical formulas, as they can increase, cause, or worsen inflammation.

Additionally, liquid formulas come in different strengths—meaning they vary based on the percentage of the active ingredients. For those with dry, sensitive or inflamed faces, a liquid tonic is your best bet—although we do suggest trying a lower percentage formula to begin with.

And as with any new product, we recommend trying it out once to twice per week until you know how you react. In the event of irritation, discontinue its use. If you respond well, you can gradually increase the frequency—but we never suggest exfoliating more than 3-4 times per week max.


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