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Achieve Your Crowning Glory with Noughty Hair Treatments

Noughty to the rescue? You bet. Beauty Connections is bringing the best of this international brand to our online Australian community and we can’t get enough of their treatments.

If this line is new to you, you’re in for a treat. To summarise why we love this collection so much, we highlighted some of the best brand features below as well as some of our favourite recommendations.

Trying to tame the frizz and bring out your best look in a more considerate sort of way? Read on to learn more about this go-to collection of natural hair care below.

SYS: Save Your Strand with Noughty Hair Treatment Products

Whether you’ve treated yourself to some highlights or suffer from environmental damage, there is a formula in this leading line for you. Targeting frizz, damage, heat and colour treated manes, and dehydration, there is a formula that can help you achieve your best look yet.

Among the many reasons why we’re avid supporters of this leading brand, there is:

  1. A dedication to using natural ingredients: The company was founded to bring effective and clean skin and body care products to the market--and they’re holding true to that promise. Certified vegan, cruelty-free, and delivered in eco-conscious packaging, this brand walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to being safe for you and the earth.
  2. Targeted concerns: Whether you’ve got natural curls that need a bit of taming or struggling with parched locks, Noughty knows that your locks are as unique as you. Wanting every beauty lover to have access to the formulas and ingredients they both want and need, the brand continually develops and launches new tonics that target their follower’s most pressing needs.

If you’re intrigued, just some of our favourite go-to’ that target our community’s most common hair care challenges include:

  1. Deep Conditioning Masks: Meant for sun worshippers, coloured hair, and those who need a little extra hydration, the rescue is a full complementary range that includes a cleanser, conditioner, and intense hydration mask when your everyday smoothing agents just aren’t enough
  2. Curl Taming Cream: Love the natural texture of your locks but need a little help to keep it in place? The favourited Curl Taming Cream has been made by and for curl wearers who want an easy and effective way to manage the frizz.
  3. Anti-frizz Serum: An effective leave-in tonic that targets problematic frizz, this smoothing serum can be donned by curly-haired beauty lovers and those who love a sleek and straight look alike. Going in between washes and need a bit of a boost to maintain your look? A light application of this serum can be applied to help maintain curl definition or revive or straightened looks so you can wear your style one more time.

How to Level Up: Giving Your Hair a Little TLC

Whether you’re a natural texture wearer or love getting into the salon for a colour and treatment touch up on the regular, Noughty is making it easier for beauty lovers everywhere to access effective formulas that are safe for them and the earth.

Ready to level up your look but don’t want to give in to chemically-laden ingredients? Check out the growing range of Noughty products at Beauty Connections online.