Hydrating Bundle


Prepare your hair for some serious hydration! The two newest members of the Cake family have landed at Beauty Connections, and you can get them in the ultimate haircare bundle with huge savings, for a limited time.

This bundle contains:

The Gentle Giant:
This shampoo contains magnet like 'micelles' which attract residue, buildup and impurities for a deep yet gentle clean. Light and airy, this formula softly cleanses, rinses clean and leaves behind natural oils to help strengthen hair, preserve colour, and care for the scalp without ever weighing hair down. Your everyday pick for soft, lush plush strands.

The Power Puff:
This milky, airy conditioner gives hair a fresh dose of nutrients with healthy hydration. Driven by natural ingredients, our cloud like cream melts into every strand and replenishes missing moisture like a dream. Gentle yet super powered, this formula treats your tresses to a dose of soft and smooth goodness, leaving behind a undone, un-coated finish.

    2 x The Smooth Move:
    This buttery smooth, ultra-decadent treat repairs stressed out locks. Packed with lux butters and oils, this beautiful blend melts into every stand to replenish missing moisture and restore your hair to first-class status with magical manageability. Treat your tresses to soft, shiny and insanely silky hair in minutes, without the harsh chemicals.

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